About ARSM International

Welcome to ARSM International! ARSM International started its journey in the year 2018 and built its way up as a pioneer in the jute goods marketing industry today.

              We are a reliable supplier of all types of jute products such as jute yarn, twine, cloth, sacks of all types and qualities. We have experience not just in the marketing part of our products but also in the areas of jute cultivation, fiber processing, jute fiber procurement by the jute mills and the production processes of the final jute products such as jute yarns, cloth and sacks.

              Such wide-ranging experience gives us the edge to provide supreme quality products with guarantee to our customers. We boast complete customer satisfaction with our products, giving us tremendous confidence to ensure both knowledge and value with the jute products which we supply.

              Therefore, we certify our customers with a full package of high-quality goods, knowledge about the products and even the sources of the raw materials for the finished goods. Our comprehensive marketing approach sets us apart from other jute goods dealers, and gives us the upper hand in this sector, making us unique and desirables to our customers. In fact, most of our customers are repeat buyers of our products, endorsing our commitment and superiority in this area of business.

Why choose us?


ARSM International is a pioneer in jute goods marketing using the most honest approach to bring both the buyers and sellers of jute products under the same roof with utmost comfort and sincerity. The following are the three main pillars of our business in the jute goods sector

Vast Experience

We have an extensive experience in both the local and global arena of jute products. We have the knowledge and understanding to ensure satisfaction of both our jute products suppliers and buyers alike, thus satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements of our customers.

Quality Products

We consider our customers to be our biggest asset. We truly believe in this concept thus we do not compromise with the quality of our products which might hamper our reputation and most importantly the reputation of our customers. We strongly believe in long term sustainable business practices and guaranteeing the best quality jute goods is our biggest commitment to our customers.

Honesty and Integrity

Business ethics is the core of our business commitments. We practice utmost transparency, principles and ethics when it comes to dealing with our customers. We believe in long term partnerships with our business associates, be it our customers or suppliers and transparency and ethics safeguards the sustainability in such relations.